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We have three types of keynote presentations which although similar in length, basically amount to a small, medium, or large show. Once you have selected one of the best motivational speakers for your event, choosing the right size presentation is the next step. Choosing the show size that's right for your event relies on several factors such as size of your audience, the venue you’re holding the event at, your budget, as well as just how big a spectacle you want to make at your event. Some clients want a low key speaker who will be entertaining but not outrageous, while other clients want to go all out with lions, and tigers and bears. The first item mentioned, the size of your audience, matters because the show often is very visual and you want to make sure you have chosen a show where everyone can see. For example, if you have 400 people, you can't do a card trick, because hardly anybody will be able to see the cards. The second item mentioned, the size of the venue, matters because some of the items in the largest show cannot be performed without a fairly large stage. This will eliminate the largest show from contention if you have a small room and thus, a small stage.

Obviously, when choosing one of the best motivational speakers budget is always a factor and should probably be used first to eliminate shows that won't fit. Please contact best motivational speakers so we can ask you a few questions about your event and make recommendations about what would be the best fit for your next event.